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Winegard introduces Dish Playmaker

Dish Playmaker

"Set-up takes less than 15 minutes. Using the simple on-screen setup wizard, users just pick the state where they are located in and they are ready to play," said Strohbehn.

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Winegard introduces ladder mount for satellite TV


The MT-4000 extends from 19.5 to 23.5 inches in 2-inch increments for three setting options, which allows users to raise their Winegard Satellite TV antenna above ground level obstructions to gain the best line of sight to the satellite.

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RTC satellite advances improve mobile Internet

ITC KA Satellite

In years past recreation vehicle users who loved the open road were forced to tolerate Internet access that was slow, expensive and unreliable — even when offered by popular RV parks. To make matters worse, ambitious travelers who assumed their cell phones would keep them connected often discovered they had …

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LarryAlert offers campsite security for RVers

LarryAlert - campsite

The set-up option allows silent notification or a siren to be activated. Bonus feature includes a built-in microphone to greet friends or tell an intruder "hands off my stuff!" The manual photo feature allows a burst of photos to be taken anytime to check the area around the campsite.

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Magellan debuts off road GPS navigator

eXplorist TRX7-0

The TRX7 off-road navigator includes a genuine RAM mount (depending on model), hi-res (to 10 meters) 3D and 2D topographic base map views, and easy-to-use interface for following trails, recording tracks, and marking waypoints.

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ASA introduces new Jensen sound bar


Featuring a built in amp with an onboard crossover, the appropriate frequencies are delivered to each of the six drivers. This allows for the rumble of the two woofers, warm tones from the midrange speakers, and the crisp high notes from both tweeters

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Jensen debuts bluetooth DVD player


The JDVD1500 Bluetooth DVD player is specifically designed and tested to endure vibrations, humidity and temperature fluctuations commonly encountered during travel and storage.

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Carryout G2+ makes satellite TV viewing easy

Winegard G2

Winegard introduced the Carryout G2+ satellite antenna. It’s a portable automatic satellite TV antenna with versatility, which is perfect for watching the big game or viewing programs when RVing, tailgating, or camping.

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ASA offers digital wireless observation system

ASA WVOS541-1024x766

With the capability of four wireless cameras, this system allows toy hauler owners to change camera views to keep an eye on their toys while underway. Equestrians can ensure the safety of their horses while those with valuable cargo can always confirm stability during their expedition.

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Velvac releases Road-IQ video data system


“Road-iQ is a game changer, by offering complete control to motorhome owners. It starts with improved visibility of the areas around the vehicle using Road-iQ’s 360-degree Surround View feature, and then adds the ability to record, playback, and share video from the vehicle’s integrated cameras,” said Hughes

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