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PulseTech debuts Plug-and-Charge solar charger

PulseTech SP5-OTR

PulseTech’s Pulse Technology cleans (desulfates) the plates and brings the battery to a like-new state capable of holding a full charge. Pulse Technology has proven to extend lead acid battery life up to five times what is typical

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Briggs & Stratton introduces new outdoor generator

Briggs P2200_HR

It has 1,700 running watts and 2,200 starting watts, and while being up to 45-percent lighter than traditional camping generators. Equipped with parallel capabilities, it can be tethered together with either a second P2200 or a P3000 inverter for additional quiet, consistent power.

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Hughes Autoformer – Never worry about spikes again

Hughes Autoformer 6

Campground power systems can be unpredictable, especially in older RV parks. Some parks set up utility poles on a chain, which means that a problem with an RV a few sites away can can certainly impact other RVs hooked up to that same power chain. If one RV pulls too much power, it can reduce the amount of power available to other RVs connected to the same system. A low voltage situation is just as destructive to on-board electronics as a power surge. RV owners have the ability to protect themselves and their rigs by using a Hughes Autoformer.

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Seven-way connector serves as wiring hub

Conntek 7-way connector

Safer and more attractive than multiple exposed wires, Conntek's Molded 7-Pole Junction Box provides a simplified way of connecting lines from a cord to a trailer's wiring, the organization announced in a press release.

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Conntek generator cord supplies reliable power

Conntek generator cord

Offering maximum power of up to 7,500-watts, this grounding cable stays flexible in cold weather. It's also heat resistant up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. Bright yellow to provide maximum visibility, Conntek's generator extension cord offers a reliable locking feature.

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Conntek Y adapter solves compatibility issues

Conntek Y adapter

The plug and connector feature Ergo Grip handles. Easy to use, the right angle design reduces stress on the connector and hand strain of the owner, the company noted. The plug side also has a two-LED power indicator, while the connector has one to show when power is on.

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Hughes Autoformer relaunches with new product

Hughes digital volt meter

"You will know instantly if your coach is receiving the optimal range voltage or if you need to be concerned that your electronics are in danger," said Thomas. "The digital volt meter can stay plugged in during your entire stay, offering a gentle night light as well as constant metering."

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