Sunday , August 20 2017
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Airxcel launches Mach-10 air conditioner

MACH_10_White Shroud

Weighing in at only 80 pounds, the Mach-10 boasts 13,500 Btu of cooling capacity, 5,600 Btu of heating capacity, and can utilize either a ducted system or a free delivery ceiling assembly. The newly designed AC and heat pump features a lower profile shroud ideal for taller motorhomes and fifth wheels, the release noted.

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Dometic introduces new Blizzard air conditioner

Dometic Blizzard NTX

The Blizzard NXT has been designed from the ground up with a more powerful motor and fan than previous models to provide 350 cubic feet per minute of airflow and advanced engineering that maximizes air flow around the evaporator coils for better and more efficient cooling performance.

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