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Prime Time introduces new Fury toy hauler

Prime Time Manufacturing announced the newest member of its product lineup: the Fury toy hauler.

This new model builds on Prime Time’s successful entry into the toy hauler market in 2014 — one that saw them become one of the fastest-growing toy hauler manufacturers in the industry and a Top 10 toy hauler brand, the company stated in a press release. Fury has been designed to meet the needs of customers in the swiftly growing half-ton pickup market.

“When you look across the landscape of toy hauler travel trailers, you’ll see most manufacturers claiming to have ‘half-ton towable’ models,” stated Product Manager Adam Smith. “When, in reality, the only way they’re half-ton towable is with nothing in the garage, no cargo in the unit itself, and one person in the truck. It’s can be very misleading.”

The Fury, according to Smith, has no such dilemma.

“The largest Fury currently offered is only 7,000 pounds fully equipped. That means a person with a regular half-ton truck or even a Suburban could actually load up their ATV or motorcycles and the rest of their gear and tow the Fury comfortably,” Smith explained.

The Fury lineup, which currently includes a 34-foot model with a 10-foot closed garage (the 2910) and a 31-foot model with an open 14-foot 6-inch garage (the 2614X), aims to hit a more attainable price point than other toy hauler trailers on the market, according to Smith.

“We’re excited about this rollout. We’re hitting a price and weight point that is substantially less than other fully laminated fiberglass products today, and we’ve got an aggressive look and great feature set to compliment it.”

Those features, Smith explained, include 50-amp service, 15,000-Btu air conditioner, 40-inch TV, and Happijac sofa system in the garage.

To learn more about Fury, visit the Prime Time Manufacturing website at

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