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Post Independent: Kellogg family loving life living in an RV

From the bloggers at Post Independent.

The Kellogg family home has all the things you would expect to find where a big family lives.

The Kelloggs have a pair of flat-screen televisions, a full-sized refrigerator, an oven, a range and beds for everyone. They also have wireless Internet, and it’s pretty common for members of the family of 14 from Glenwood Springs to be waiting in line to use the bathroom.

But those typical features aren’t in a typical home. The Kelloggs — two parents, seven boys, five girls and the family dog, Eddy — all live in a truly mobile home that travels the North American continent year-round.

“People, when we told them that we were thinking about doing this and living in an RV full time, thought that we were absolutely crazy,” said Susie Kellogg, the mother of the 12 children and the main teacher for the children’s home schooling. “Since then, we’ve actually had two of our friends who have jumped in and started doing this. It’s worked really well.”

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