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Pop Up Princess: Adding carpet to your Pop Up step

From the bloggers at The Pop Up Princess.

We just got back from our longest road trip ever.  We spent 16 days on the road, and 13 of those nights were spent in the pop up.  This was a huge accomplishment for us.  It is difficult for us to get our kids to unplug for more than a few days, so being away from technology {for the most part} was nice.  We did set up camp in a few places where WIFI was available, and we did allow the kids to bring their devices on the road.  While we were in camp and sightseeing, though, we were technology free.

We really got the chance to know our little pop up intimately, and we got an idea of what we like and don’t like about it.  Some of the issues I could anticipate ahead of time, and so we attempted to fix them before we hit the road.  Our dinette storage doors are a good example.  Another good example is our stepper door.  Before we left, I knew that dirt was going to be a problem for me.  Our stepper door did nothing to keep the dirt at bay.  We’ve got an outdoor rug that we lay outside the camper, and it does a pretty good job at stopping most of big stuff, but dirty shoe prints still show up on the camper floor.

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