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Pop Sugar: What it’s really like to live in a tiny house

From the bloggers at Pop Sugar.

The meteoric rise of the tiny-house movement in recent years has been spurred on by contemporary homeowners’ desire for a simpler, unfettered life. While these micro dwellings do come with some great perks — they’re inexpensive and low-maintenance, freeing up time and money for other things — they also come with a few lesser-known cons. Before you sell off your belongings and take the dive into the tiny-living lifestyle, get all the information. Check out nine surprising truths of tiny-home ownership below.

Basic life functions

Everyday things you take for granted in a standard house, like getting mail and doing laundry, require thought when living in a tiny house. If you decide to downsize, you’ll likely find yourself going outside the home to pick up letters at a P.O. box or wash clothes at the laundromat.

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