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PillowFix inflated

PillowFix enhances typical pillows for added comfort

PillowFix announced today that its product enhances the comfort of traditional pillows. Because of its unique design, it can also be taken along wherever people expect to encounter an uncomfortable pillow.

PillowFix rolls up, inflates and deflates quite easily making the product extremely versatile.

PillowFix is best described as an “inflatable pillow enhancer.” When deflated, the PillowFix slips underneath a regular pillow or inside the pillow case. With a few quick breaths a good night’s sleep is within reach even in a hotel room, at a family member’s home, while camping, or wherever people might be.

There are internal gussets that regulate the air within the chambers to ensure even air distribution as people sleep, so there will never be any ballooning as users move naturally during the night.

PillowFix can be adjusted to a desired comfort level ensuring great rest every time, the release explained.

While many travelers are swearing by its effectiveness and convenience while traveling, the company noted that people are also commenting on how it is helping with their posture and comfort while sitting in their desk chair at work.

PillowFix is crafted out of 100 percent hypoallergenic, medical grade materials. It’s completely water proof and easily cleaned with soap and water. Plus it is manufactured completely in the United States

PillowFix’s soft felt-like finish gives the pillow enhancer a nice cozy feel as well.

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