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RV Picklers: Fast, healthy breakfast on the road

From the bloggers at RV Picklers.

A healthy breakfast is essential to good health.  But for many, speed of preparation is essential in the morning.  And for us RVers, storage space is always an issue.  Even though OLGA is only 25′ long, she has room for the one food preparation appliance we use nearly every day.

We used to have a gigantic juicer at our home.  But frankly my love affair with the juicer was short-lived because it was so difficult to clean. And the thought of discarding pounds of pulp everyday in a RV didn’t exactly excite me either.  So when I happened upon an infomercial about the juice extractors/blenders/emulsifiers I was intrigued.  There are several different brands on the market.  But after reading a lot of online reviews we purchased the Nutra Ninja.

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