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Paste: Project 48-state road trip – Arizona and New Mexico

From the bloggers at Paste.

This is the first of a series of travel guides over the course of 21-year-old Tobi Thompson’s 48-state Road Trip.

Though L.A.’s population is overwhelming and frustrating, driving northeast to Arizona is a very bland, hot drive. Boiling in the car as the wind tunnels wedged between mountains steers your car sideways is the first step toward our adventure of a 48-state road trip.

Between camping at the Grand Canyon for a night and a visit to the Four Corners, there are a lot of opportunities to get lost. The hidden beauty tucked in the Antelope Canyon of Page, Arizona, is one thing we overlooked, out of patience as we twisted around and studied maps.

Instead we looked forward as we headed toward the Four Corners Monument—only to find it closed by 5 p.m. But these setbacks don’t overshadow the sights that we did catch. Don’t miss these at the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Santa Fe, and an overnight in Roswell, New Mexico.

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