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Oxygenics Fury 3

Oxygenics Fury makes a fabulous shower

Stronger spray with different patterns, intensity
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We recently purchased a new toy hauler. Changing rigs meant losing some of the upgrades that we had made to our previous RV, including our returning to a stock shower head.

We found we really missed the Oxygenics BodySpa shower head that we had in our previous RV, so we recently replaced the shower head that came in our new toy hauler with an Oxygenics Fury RV.

Oxygenics shower heads use a special technology that mixes air with water to create a stronger shower spray. The Oxygenics Fury RV offers five different spray pattern settings, which are easily changed by a lever on the bottom of the shower head. The settings vary in water usage and spray intensity, from a light rain-like cascade to a more powerful massaging spray.

The Oxygenics Fury RV includes everything needed to replace your current shower head, including the new spray head, a new shower hose, plumber's tape, and a new shower head mount.

I also appreciated the new hose that was included. It allows for easier cleaning of the shower than our stock hose did and, because it is plastic, we no longer have black scratch marks on our shower walls. Installation took under 10 minutes, and we love the results.

Oxygenics Fury 2


  • Available in two finishes (brushed nickel and white) to match bathroom fixtures
  • Very quick and easy to install, no tools needed.
  • Lightweight — under 2 pounds
  • Includes long 72-inch shower hose
  • Five spray settings
  • Water conserving with a max output of 2 gallons of water


  • Shut off switch does not completely turn off flow of water
  • Available only through Camping World

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