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Oxygenics BodySpa shower head review

Better pressure, less water than standard showerheads
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While attending the Tampa RV Show earlier this year, I purchased the Oxygenics BodySpa shower head at the recommendation of several other RVers. I had been complaining that the shower head that was in the RV when I purchased it wasn't doing the job. The pressure was too low and the water stream was iffy at best.

Installation was pretty quick. It involved unscrewing the old shower head and simply replacing it with the new one. I was able to accomplish it with standard tools, although I did have an RV dealer screw in the second screw to the holder that retains the head.

The change was noticeable. The device works by adding oxygen to the water stream to improve the pressure. I had a home-style shower again with a refreshing stream of water! More importantly, using the old shower head, I had to dump the tanks every seven days. With the new shower head, I can go 10 or 11 days before the tanks must be emptied. The company promises that it will save 20 percent more water -- and my experience shows that promise is true.

The device comes with a 60-inch hose, which seems excessive for RV use, but can help when bathing kids or pets. It also comes with an inline on/off switch, but I found that even in the off position, water leaks out of the shower head.

The company claims that the included double-sided tape is adequate to keep the holder attached to the shower without drilling. However, I did not find that to be true. The weight of the shower head pulled off the tape almost immediately, and it caused the plastic shower form to pull away from the wall just enough that I was worried water could get behind the plastic and start doing damage to the wall. So, I screwed the holder into the wall. The base plate for the holder was arranged with screws in different locations that the shower head I was replacing. One screw fit perfectly, but I had to have another hole drilled to accommodate the other one.

The device is leak-free when not in use, although I have had to tighten the connector between the base plate and the holder several times.

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  • Works like a charm offering a higher pressure water flow than standard shower heads
  • By combining oxygen to the water, it creates more pressure and saves water
  • Before installation, I could go a maximum of seven days without emptying the gray water tank. With the Oxygenics shower head, I can go 11 or 12 days before I must dump the tank.
  • Comes with a 60-inch hose that others may find helpful for cleaning kids or pets.

  • Easy installation. A definite do-it-yourself project


  • Double-sided tape included was not strong enough to hold the shower head to the wall
  • The on/off switch attached to the hose does not completely shut off water flow. It reduces it to a dribble, but doesn’t shut it off completely.
  • There is only one flow type. You can’t twist the head to adjust the stream from pulsing to wide spray to narrow spray.

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