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Outside Our Bubble: Storage organizing thoughts and ideas

From the bloggers at Outside Our Bubble.

We get asked quite often about storage and if we have any tips and tricks on how we organize things inside and outside our coach.

So I’m going to give you a peak inside our coach and how we store and organize things. This is truly how we live. I did not organize anything ahead of time. I did not clean up. This is our life, mess and all. I am not sugar coating any of this and you are seeing the true glory of how we live.

Of course every coach and RV are different but some of these organizational items, tips and tricks can hopefully help anyone out there.

Paper and plastic are ok if you are “going camping” but for every day life, regular plates and silverware are nice. We use Corelle-ware for our plates and bowls. It’s lightweight and hard to break. Wine in a regular, although stem-less, wine glass is also nice. We used the plastic wine glasses for a while but we really missed drinking from glass. The stem-less makes them easier to store in narrow cupboards.

One important factor in packing cupboards, no matter what you are packing and storing, whether it’s in the kitchen or where ever, is using the rubber shelf liners. These are very versatile. You’ll see as this post goes on that I use these liners everywhere.

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