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Outside Our Bubble: Quick OTA antenna pointing using SensarPro

From the bloggers at Outside Our Bubble.

Let’s face it, when we arrive at an new location we sometime need to setup and use our over the air (OTA) TV antenna. We do this for all kinds of reasons, but mostly to get local news and weather is my guess.

If you have a crank up antenna that you can rotate, or a motorized antenna that you can turn like the one that comes on mostly all Tiffin products, then you have a much quicker way to be able to find the best pointing position before you tell your TV to scan for channels. Doing so saves a lot of time from having to scan for channels and then maybe have to scan again, or even again and then finely fine tune to get the best lock.

That is where the Winegard SensarPro Signal Strength Meter comes into play as it not only allows you to find the best direction. It also helps you fine tune before you scan with it’s built in meter; which even has a channel selector to help find your most watched network and lock on it. And the best part…it is a direct replacement for the standard plate switch that allows you to switch between the OTA antenna and Cable TV and I am going to show you my quick install.

To read the full story by Outside Our Bubble, click here.

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