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Outside Bubble - Tiffin Allegro Bus

Outside Our Bubble: One year in a Tiffin 45 LP Allegro Bus

From the bloggers at Outside Our Bubble:

It’s hard to think that it’s been a year since we took possession of our new home, our Tiffin 45LP Allegro Bus. The move from our other coach, a 42-foot 2008 Tour Master, went smoothly. The Tiffin had a bunch more space than what we were used to, so that was a nice.

The Tiffin Bus has really treated us well. There have been no major issues. We did have to replace a windshield from a large rock hit not a couple months into ownership. Not Tiffin’s fault for sure. We had to replace a couple air conditioners as well. Again, not Tiffin’s fault.

Come to think about it, most of the items that we’ve had issues with have been from various manufacturers of those items. Tiffin however stands behind all there products and took care of everything quickly and easily. No hassles involved.

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