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Outside Our Bubble: National Military Park in Vicksburg, Miss.

From the bloggers at Outside Our Bubble.

Vicksburg, Miss., being located right on the Mississippi River, with it’s many hilltops that over look the Great Mississippi River, played a very important roll in the Civil War.

President Lincoln knew it was the key to winning the south. There were many battles that were fought here. Many strategies plotted here. Many soldiers lost their lives here. The National Military Park, located in Vicksburg, Miss., is a great National Park that is located right in town.

It’s an easy park to explore with a loop road that you drive with many stops along the way with lots of memorials, signage and canons, canons, and more canons. Below is one of several beautiful structures commemorating the many soldiers that died in the siege in Vicksburg.

Overlooking some of the battlefields you can really get the feel for the closeness of the battles that were fought here. The park does a great job of showing you just how close these fights were by marking the battle lines with colored signage right down to what regiment was on that line. (blue signs for Union and red for Confederate.)

These red and blue markers of canon and soldier locations can be clearly seen as you look across a section of rolling landscape, thus greatly putting the battles that took place here all into perspective. This was fought hand to hand, canon to canon. Walking the path that these soldiers walked you can feel the somberness of the entire area.

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