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Outside Our Bubble: Caravanning no no when with friends

From the bloggers at Outside Our Bubble.

Ok, I will just start this by saying that my wife was proud of me for using the airhorns. Yep, I used them. I pushed down hard and did so very hard it was like I meant it.  And I did!

Ok, short story and then a video as we have dash cam of it. (You all know we use a dash cam right?  If not, we use a BlackVue Dash Cam.) Anyway, if you have ever been with a professional caravanning group you will know that one thing they do not do is travel in a long line. Nope, only 3 to maybe 5 RV’s at a time will head out even if they have 30 of them.  Now there are a number of good reasons for this. Here are three which come to mind…

1) You have a less chance of blocking cars coming onto the expressway/Highway/Interstate etc seeing you are not a long train of RV’s.

2) When you all are getting on an expressway/Highway/Interstate etc, you are not all trying to get on at once.

3) You are not all trying to keep up with the leader and thus speeding or making other poor choices as you will see in the video.

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