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Outside Online: What van life really looks like

From the bloggers at Outside Online

The first time I thought the #vanlife dream might be a farce I was sitting on the floor of the van after my fiancé slammed the door and stormed off, proclaiming that he needed space to clear his head. Needing to distract myself, I found a picture we’d recently taken at Grand Teton National Park, upped the saturation and contrast a little, and published it to Instagram with a superlative-laden caption and the hashtag #vanlife.

I felt momentary relief as I watched the Instagram likes climb. I felt guilt immediately.

Earlier that year, we’d bought into the romantic Instagram version of #vanlife. After spending our twenties working full-time, my fiancé and I had reached a point where we were overcome by the desire to escape the grind and fill our days doing the things we love—surfing, skiing, hiking, biking, and exploring. So we saved up, sold most of our things, bought a 2009 Dodge Sprinter, spent two months turning it into a tiny cabin on wheels, left our 9-to-5 jobs, and hit the road with a plan to drive around the country for a year.

Five months into living the dream, I can attest that it is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We’ve seen places we’ve always dreamed of going, camped in some of the most spectacular destinations on the planet, and experienced the magic of nature we previously only briefly tapped into.

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