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Outside Interests - Trailer made exercise

Outside Interests: Trailer-made fitness

From the bloggers at Outside Interests:

You’re on vacation but want to stay fit—or maybe you’re a fulltime Airstreamer on the go without a gym membership. Try this 10-minute, 10-exercise, total body workout; it’s elegantly simple, and has zero impact on your rig’s weight and storage.

The secret ingredient? An inexpensive, no-weight resistance band—perfect for travel, and so versatile, “you can work almost all the muscle groups,” said Dave Adamson, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in fitness for senior athletes.

Occasionally the class includes a challenging (and sweaty) session using nothing more than these thin strips of latex.

To see Outside Interests’ extremely portable, easy-to-store, 10-step exercise system, click here.

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