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Outside Interests: My Airstream style

From the bloggers at Outside Interests.

We love to caravan with friends. Last year we went on the Airstream SW Caravan with another couple we’re close friends with, and we enjoy the freedom caravanning gives us to explore new places and to spend time with family while having our own place to stay.

I create art on the road. I paint and draw—I’ve done pet portraits, I do beading to go along with my glass cheese platters that I make from wine bottles, and get ideas for my “silver trailer” items .

I’ve done a lot of murals in my life, and when we were ready to re-do the bathroom area of the motorhome I decided to create a mural of the outdoors. We love being in nature, and I wanted to create a feeling of space since the “commode room” is pretty tiny! I placed a bird on each wall: a Costa’s Hummingbird, a Western Meadowlark, and a Red Tailed Hawk.

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