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Outside Interests: Black water tank for newbies

From the bloggers at Outside Interests.

With an Airstream hooked to the back of your car you’ll find that long trips are much nicer. One perk is having your own bathroom wherever you go. There’s only one small price to be paid for this convenience: dumping the waste tanks.

Black vs gray: Blackwater is sewer water from the toilet, which in most Airstreams is held in a separate tank from the gray water (used water from the sinks and shower).

Be not afraid. If there’s one thing that keeps people away from RVing it’s the fear of dumping the holding tanks, but dumping the tanks is as easy as can be. You attach a simple hose, pull a handle, and—whoosh!—your troubles are flushed away. First the black tank, then the gray tank.

To read the full story by Outside Interests, click here.

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