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Outside Interests: Bend classic vintage trailer rally

From the bloggers at Outside Interests 

“We love the Shastas and all the canned hams, but there is a lot of shiny aluminum here this year,” said Dal Smilie, Tin Can Tourists member and host of the Bend Classic Vintage Trailer Rally held this month. Among the many mid-century trailer models were Airstreams, Silver Streaks, Boles Aeros, and a smashing renovated Neutron, all gleaming in the Central Oregon sun. “The health department called, they said we’re creating a hotspot,” Smilie joked.

Local visitors oohed and aahed over the posh and polished trailers during a weekend-long open house. Smilie believes that the ongoing passion for vintage rigs out West reflects a nationwide fascination. “You’ve not only got baby boomers having fun with stuff that they remember or grew up with, but you’re seeing young couples with kids enjoying them, too,” he said. “You can get into these things from $300 up—way up—and then start restoring. Even when you put too much money into a vintage trailer, it might still be cheaper than a new one. And it’s light, and it’s interesting. And it’s part of a community.”

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