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Outside: Campers are great, but (gasp!) you really should rent an RV

From the bloggers at Outside. 

It was a simple plan: My friend Sally and I would pilot her Winnebego View down I-65 from Indianapolis to Alabama for five days of awesome mountain bike riding and tasty local microbrew. Our only two traveling companions would be Sally’s Australian shepherds, Charley and Sadie. In good conscience, I couldn’t let Sally do all the driving, so I knew at some point I would have to take the wheel.

But there was a Winnebago-sized problem: I’d never driven a motorhome before, and the idea made me more nauseous than a Guy Fieri cooking show. Her assurances that driving a 23-foot RV was as easy as riding a bike failed to calm my nerves, given how often I crash my Giant Anthem.

Making matters even more difficult, this diesel behemoth had a ten-foot tail: a trailer filled with enough bikes, gear, and tools to open up a small shop. The extra weight made each incline a virtual crawl.


After spending an inordinate amount of time arranging the mirrors, it was time to hit the road. I half expected the steering wheel to be heavier, befitting the Winnebago View’s five-ton weight, but it felt more like driving a bulky SUV. With the trailer in tow, I pulled into the fast-moving highway traffic. I felt sick and exhilarated at the same time.

The real, hands-on lessons would now begin. Here are eight things every first-timer should know before their first time on the road with an adventure vehicle.

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