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Our Traveling Tribe: RV issues mean big money

From the bloggers at Our Traveling Tribe.

We’ve been very quiet over here on the blog because we’ve been busy so many other places! We’ve been touring Texas, volunteering with flood cleanup in Louisiana, and now we are headed to Indiana. Why would we head to Indiana, in an RV, in April? Because we are having to take our RV back to the factory there, for major work.

This interior crack, in the upstairs master, off a slide, has grown as our frame flexes more and more with miles.

2 thousand miles (round trip)
2 hotel rooms each night we are out of the rig
Big money food bills even if we get a hotel with a kitchenette (do they even have those anymore?)

Have I mentioned how much I abhor hotels? The whole bed bug thing freaks me out. And to live in one, 10 of us, doesn’t mean we can just keep a suitcase in the bathroom and not worry about taking them ‘home’ with us. If we still have a home. Which we hope we won’t, because we are seriously over this toy hauler and it’s incessant problems.

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