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(photo courtesy of the Traveling Travaglinos, the founders of Fulltime Families.)
(photo courtesy of the Traveling Travaglinos, the founders of Fulltime Families.)

Our readers select the Biggest Bonehead

Our readers have analyzed all the stories we received about the biggest, dumbest, most boneheaded things people have done in, with or to an RV — and they have selected a winner.

The biggest bonehead award goes to Chris Travaglino with his story about the black tank disaster that left him naked in his parents front yard. We shudder to imagine the sight, let alone the situation that sparked such a response.

Here are the nine runners up and the percentage of people who thought the stories were symbolic of the biggest boneheads:

  • Black tank disaster leaves RVer naked in front yard = 28 percent
  • Forgetting to turn the water off makes a soggy RV mess = 13 percent
  • A low railroad bridge can hurt your RV’s cabose = 11 percent
  • Hey, this looks like a sewer connection!  Ooops! = 10 percent
  • Impatience and rushing proves costly = 9 percent
  • One foot on the gas, one foot on brake ain’t such a good idea = 8 percent
  • Towing an idling car for three hours can’t be good for it = 8 percent
  • Flipping a switch restores lost TV signal after FOUR years = 6 percent
  • Hidden obstacles can cause big damage – 4 percent
  • So that’s what you mean by “pull-through” 3 percent

All the stories can be read by clicking here.

“We thank all the brave people who submitted entries for our first-ever Biggest Bonehead contest,” said Editor Greg Gerber. “We had a lot of fun reviewing each of the stories and, more importantly, learned a lot from the mistakes made by others.”

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Greg Gerber is the editor of Let's RV and the editor of RV Daily Report. A Wisconsin native and father of three grown daughters, he is now based out of Arizona and travels the country in his Winnebago Adventurer motorhome interviewing industry professionals and interesting RVers alike. He can be reached at

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