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Origen introduces the RV SnapPad

Origen RV Accessories introduces the RV SnapPad, a permanent rubber jack pad designed specifically for 9-inch round jack feet. The device fits well on the LCI Level Up system, and pads are being developed for other leveling systems as well.

The SnapPad is made from environmentally-friendly recycled tire crumb, and they require no storage. The pads install in seconds, and stay on forever.

SnapPads have been tested to ensure they could withstand extreme heat, cold and “road shakes.” Because they’re made out of firm and sturdy rubber, it means SnapPads are far less fragile than other rigid, plastic levelers, the release noted.

RV Snap Pad 2The product supports more than 10,000 pounds per foot across any and all terrains, including asphalt, concrete, grass, gravel, mud, resin, ice and snow. SnapPad is resistant against water, heat, oil, tar, mud, and all other environmental hazards. SnapPad won’t crack, split, chip or break under pressure.

SnapPad won’t just change how people use their RVs, it’ll change their camping experience.

Features include:

  • No more positioning jackpads or levelers under an RV
  • Permanent installation frees up valuable storage space
  • Little to no care required
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Can still be removed if necessary
  • Protects leveling foot from rust and other damage
  • Complements the look and feel of any RV

Created by the designers of Lynx Levelers, SnapPad is engineered through the application of many years of industry experience and knowledge.

SnapPads come in three packages:

  • $49.95 starter pack includes two SnapPads for front leveling gear
  • $89.95 camper pack includes four SnapPads for a four-position landing system
  • $134.95 ultimate pack includes six SnapPads for a six-position landing system

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