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Oregon Live: Glamping in a spiffed-up Aristocrat Lo Liner

From the bloggers at Oregon Live.

Glamping — that is, glamorous camping — isn’t just for summer. A lot of people with homes on wheels roll out to scenic places in the fall, when bronze leaf colors beckon and days are cooler.

Scott and Jane Morrill will be taking their recreational vehicle on the road to fishing campsites, and when they do, eyes will turn and cameras will be focused.

That’s because the couple is traveling in style in a spiffed up 1967 Aristocrat Lo Liner.

“The glamper’s name is Prince Charles because it is an ‘Aristocrat’ Lo Liner,” says Scott Morrill, revealing his sense of humor. “We call it ‘Chuck’ for short for two reasons: the first is obvious. ‘Chuck’ is short for ‘Charles.’ The second reason is because we can just chuck it all and go glamping when we feel like it.”

To read the full story by Oregon Live, click here.

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