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Orange County Register: When frugal camping is your intent

From the writers at The Orange County Register.

It’s not news that camping is the cheapest way to vacation. But it can actually become surprisingly pricey, depending on how you go. If you want to maximize your fun but minimize your costs, here are some tips culled from my many years pitching a tent and piloting an RV.


If you’ve camped at the beach in California recently, you know that the state charges different fees for beachfront and non-beachfront campsites within the same park.


Federal sites: If you have an America the Beautiful Senior Pass, you can save 50 percent on camping fees at many spots. You must be at least 62 and a legal permanent resident of the U.S. to qualify for the pass, which costs $10. Buy in person at a federal recreation site, such as a national park or other ranger-operated location. Bring proof of age and legal status. If you are permanently disabled, you can get a similar pass – but for free. These passes are good for your lifetime. (Note: If you have a Golden Age or Golden Access pass, these are also honored for your lifetime.)

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