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On the road again

After being home for two months, we hit the road again to pick back up on our travels.

Leaving Wisconsin and our family and friends was really tough for all of us, but we were really excited for the next leg of our adventure. We were heading to Glacier National Park, which meant we had several days of long drives. We had a workamping gig lined up for the month of August, so we gave ourselves a week to get there.

Our experience in traveling made us plan our route a bit more carefully and conscious of the amount of time spent driving each day. Anyone with small kids can understand how stressful a road trip can become when someone in your car has had enough of being in a car seat!

We split up the drive so we were only in the car about five or six hours a day at most. Then we’d either stop for the night at a Walmart or other over-night friendly store or find a campground and stay for a couple nights. This kept all of us sane throughout the trip and I’d totally recommend it if you’re planning a long road trip with a young family. Getting there is half the fun, right?

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Our first stop was in Minneapolis (link to Minneapolis post) to check out the city and visit the Mall of America, then we proceeded through North Dakota, making a stop in Medora for a couple nights to visit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park (link to post if available).

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After leaving Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we put in 3 long days of driving to make it to Glacier National Park. Montana is a huge state, but offers amazing landscape changes from the prairies in the east to the mountains in the west. We also love the dry air, we were all over with the humidity of the Midwest. Couple that with cool evenings and beautiful vistas of the mountain-side, we may stay a bit longer than we anticipated.

I couldn’t recommend visiting this part of the country more because of the vast space that is out here. We were used to the east coast where there is traffic and houses and buildings practically on top of each other. Not here.

Bryanna - glacier-national-park sm

We’re making plans to explore Glacier National Park and to see all it has to offer. That includes hikes, a drive on the Road To The Sun and definitely some animal watching.

We’re really excited to get back into nature and back on the road. We’ll have much more to come about this beautiful park!

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