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News OK: 7 reasons to take a road trip with my dad

From the bloggers at News OK.

When I was a little girl, most kids read about superheroes in comic books or wore capes and pretended to fly around the house like the invincible characters they watched on Saturday morning cartoons.

Well, I guess that makes me pretty lucky – because I got to actually live with a super hero.

I called him Daddy.

Among all of his brave feats and professional accomplishments, what makes my dad a real hero is the fact that he was willing to put up with me and my mom cooped up in ’72 Pontiac sedan on my original cross-country family vacation back in the day.

I fondly refer to this experience as Road Trip 1.0 because it was the prequel to all my adult adventures and the catalyst that ignited my passion for travel.

That summer, it seemed like we drove all over this great nation from The Rockies to the Sierra Nevada, along the Pacific coastline, then back through the Badlands and everything in between.

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