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Newmar: 8 ways to stay healthy on the road

From Newmar Corporation:

Have you ever wondered what qualifies a person as “old?” Many say it’s the arrival of a certain age. Others simply claim old age begins when our first grandbaby is born. Still, some believe we should consider ourselves “old” after we develop certain physical attributes. Of course, we all grow older, but becoming “old” isn’t something that is inevitable or forced upon us, as many choose to believe. It comes down to our choices and how we decide to live as the years pass us by.

Staying active is the key to aging well and remaining healthy and on the road for a long, long time. There are all sorts of opportunities to stay active, even if you live in your RV fulltime. Yet it can be way too easy to relax the day away in a lawn chair, watching the activity around you instead of engaging in it. But by doing so, you’re missing out, letting your body grow older in the process.

To read the rest of the story on how to remain active and healthy on the road, click here.

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