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Torklift security device

New Torklift product prevents truck camper theft

SUMNER, Wash. — Torklift International today introduced a theft deterrent solution to prevent a truck camper from being stolen.

It’s often difficult to locate information on ways to deter this type of theft. forum users suggested disabling the camper jacks, locking the truck camper, park another vehicle in front of the camper to jokingly employing a noisy neighbor as a theft deterrent.

“The FastGun WobbleStopper is a way to prevent truck camper theft,” said Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor. “Tens of thousands of dollars are invested into your truck camper and the accessory products installed on it. This is a simple, ideal way to secure the truck camper and prevent camper frame stress caused by movement while it is offloaded from the truck.”

The FastGun WobbleStopper acts as a pair of locking struts between the camper frame and the camper jackleg. It locks into place preventing a truck from backing underneath it to load. It is built using the FastGun turnbuckle design to allow for easy adjustment and installation.

The truck camper security device is sold in sets of two. One set outfits a truck camper.

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SOURCE: Torklift press release

Torklift security device


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