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Reese Hitch Ball Lube

Do you need to lubricate your hitch? YES!

We lubricate moving parts, like hinges, locks, window mechanisms, bearings and so on  all the time. But I seldom see people lube their fifth wheel trailer hitches, and that’s just a high-load locking hinge, right? If these don’t get properly lubricated, the metal on metal contact will cause problems, not to mention a lot of annoying noise!

Trailer hitch balls should be lubricated using an appropriate lubricant, like Reese Hitch Ball Lubricant, or a brush on (or lather on) axle grease. A ball and coupler system has extreme pressure and stress, which can lead to excessive wear, and even failure if not lubricated properly. With weight distribution systems, some require more lubrication than others, so check your owner’s manual. Never lube the slide on the sway control though!

Fifth wheels also require regular lubrication of moving parts. If the hitch is equipped with Zerk fittings, grease those according to manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, make sure all the moving parts are greased or lubed well. A lube disk placed on the fifth wheel pin is also a great idea to reduce wear damage on the pin box.

Just a little maintenance now will keep you trailering for years!

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