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My RV Living: First things first – remodeling

From the bloggers at My RV Living.

When thinking through this choice of living in an RV we knew that no matter what RV we bought there would have to be a bit of remodeling. Even though we bought a new RV we still wanted to make it our own. Plus, we would be living in this thing, so we want it to be just right for us to feel like it’s home. With that said that meant a few things were coming out and a few things were coming in.

The first thing we had decided for sure was we wanted to remove the couch. We already had the full dinette for seating and also the 2 recliners so we wanted to create more space for a desk. We looked everywhere online for instructions on how to remove the couch but found nothing. So we thought we would write a little about how we did it so other can have a guide. Turns out it was a lot easier than we  thought.

Step 1: Remove the couch cushions.

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