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My Prime Time News: One Colorado man makes the RV lifestyle pay

From the writers at My Prime Time News.

My wife and I have been RVers for over 25 years going off on weekends and summer vacations. We love the lifestyle, but there are costs that go along with it that we wanted to defray. I discovered there are a number of ways retirees can “make RV play pay” and it’s a talk I’ve given at many RV shows across the United States. After all, so many of us enjoy the RV lifestyle, but may want to supplement our retirement budgets so we can visit the many fabulous places our country offers.

In 2006 I got serious about researching how to make the RV lifestyle pay. Many people defray their travel expenses by serving as “hosts” at campgrounds doing all the usual chores that most of the time include toilets. I was hoping to find something a little different that didn’t have me stuck at the campground all day. I did some homework and determined that being a tour guide was worth a try.

In 2006, I landed a summer job driving a historic red bus all over Glacier National Park. It was perfect, we parked our RV near the Glacier Park Lodge (east side of the Park) on the Blackfeet Indian reservation. The work was considered full-time but if “bookings” were slow I had an extra day off.

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