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My Frugal Adventures: How to save money on road trips

From the bloggers at My Frugal Adventures.

I know some of you might be planning car trips this summer and I thought I’d pass along some ideas on how to save money on car trips.

Unfortunately I can’t do much about the price of gas but I can offer some suggestions for entertainment and meals.

We take tons of car trips- year round really with our little girls and I always take a lot of time to plan out the trip.  If the kids are bored and crabby it makes the entire experience such a drag.  So here are some of my ideas:

Save Money On Meals/Food:

Pack your own snacks- as much as possible. I ALWAYS do this because I want to make sure we are eating well (not tons of fast food) and it saves time to just have what you need on hand- not to mention those not so great roadside meals that can often get very expensive.

If you do plan to stop for food, you can check KidsEatFree.com for restauarnts that offer free children’s meals or check Groupon or Living Social for discounted vouchers.

Entertainment for Small Children:

For my girls I spend a lot of time putting things together to entertain them. The biggest concern I always have is avoiding things that create a huge mess in the car.

I like either clipboards for the children to attach their little things to color and such or the Dollar Store has cookie sheets.  Those work perfectly for little race cars to hold papers for coloring and also to help them balance food.

Entertainment for Older Children or Adults:

I bring my laptop on all car trips and spend a lot of the time working.  I actually have an inexpensive aircard for Wi Fi and a car adapter to charge the battery if needed.

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