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Motorhome Menagerie: Traveling with pets

From the bloggers at Motorhome Menagerie

“Theo has to go potty, RIGHT NOW!” I’m scrambling to pick up our four-month-old puppy as my husband, Andy, tries to find a safe place to pull over on the side of the road. We are in Arkansas, driving our motorhome on the way to our next RV site. We take the first random exit ramp and I quickly slip on my shoes, fasten the harness and leash to Theo, and step into the ditch. He relieves himself quickly and we get back into our motorhome, but not before I notice that he is upset. Our pit stop landed us on a fire-ant colony and they are biting Theo’s tummy, leaving small, red welts in their wake. My husband and I brush them off of him, cringing as the ants turn on us, but we are soon back on the road.

This is just one experience we’ve had with our dog on the road, but it’s one that may deter people from bringing along their pets in the motorhome. A lot of people choose to bring their pets with them on vacation, but not all would consider traveling with them full time, especially while living in a motorhome with the number of animals we have. In 2015, Andy and I sold our home in St. Paul, Minnesota, quit our jobs, and set out in our 1997 National RV Dolphin motorhome towing a 1988 Jeep Wrangler. At 34 feet long with about 300 square feet with the living-room slide extended, the two of us travel with two dogs, two cats and a bird.

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