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Boomers Twogo

Montgomery Herald: Boomers Twogo – Franklins head South for winter

From the bloggers at Boomers Twogo.

Greetings from the road.

Motorhome travel was never seriously discussed during our courtship or marriage. We were friends with a couple who gushed about their road trips, but we usually shrugged them off. “Not for us,” we said. In our lives together we traveled to many national parks and urban wonders, occasionally discussing relocation to places catching our fancy. In combination we have lived in eight states, sharing a wide range of friends along the way.

Steph and I married in West Palm Beach where we had both moved into the same neighborhood, she from Texas and me from Ft. Lauderdale. I was director of internship training at St. Mary’s Hospital and Steph was working in private banking with US Trust in Palm Beach. We visited Montgomery County on our honeymoon and spent some time with my childhood friend, John Myers. Both of us enjoyed the more relaxed pace of life so when I inherited property on the Candor-Troy road we decided to make a home there. We enjoyed rural life, building a small winery and entertaining many of the lovely people we met in the area. I opened a practice in West End and we settled in. Several years later I had a heart attack and we began reconsidering the remainder of our lives. Steph emigrated from England where her large family remains. And, having no children, we recognized that her future would be better served there. Once we made the decision to relocate, we were fortunate to find the perfect buyers.

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