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Mod My RV: Sliding storage and cargo trays

From the bloggers at Mod My RV.

Have a lot of bulky stuff you regularly seem to be taking out of your storage areas just to get to that “something” which always seems to be in be in the back? Sliding storage and cargo trays can be a real back saver. They can be used to slide anything from plastic storage bins full of your “RV stuff” to tool boxes to lawn chairs, and even slide-out grills.

Installing a sliding storage tray is pretty straightforward if you are handy. The most important thing to remember is to properly measure the compartment you are installing the storage tray in to. You need to ensure you measure the depth and especially the width correctly, because you need to allow for enough clearance for the slide frame, compartment door, hinges, and door gas struts if you have them. Once you have these measurements, you can then order or build the storage tray to your specifications.

Another important factor to consider is what you are going to mount the storage tray to. Is the compartment floor strong enough to hold the both the weight of the sliding storage tray AND your cargo? Some Class A or Class C outboard cargo bays are made of thin sheet metal flooring and may not support the weight, in which case they might have to be reinforced. Some commercial sliding trays can weigh upwards of 200 pounds so ensure there is adequate storage bay floor strength.

And if you are installing a full length sliding tray, one that provides access from either side of your RV, be sure to bolt the slider rails through the flooring. Use 1 ” to 2″ fender washers (depending on bolt size) on the underside of the floor to ensure the thru-bolts securing the rails have enough surface area so when the sliding tray is fully extended, the bolts do not pull through the flooring.

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