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Meguiar air refresher

Meguiar’s debuts twin-pack air fresheners for RVs

Meguiar’s announced the company is expanding its odor eliminator line, air re-fresher to the boating and recreation vehicle community with its twin-pack Marine/RV Care air refreshers.

The products work quickly to provide pleasant and refreshing scents for the interior of boat and RV cabins, the release noted.

Meguiar’s developed the new twin-pack air refresher package to better accommodate the needs of boat and RV owners alike. By collaborating with skilled perfumers in the fragrance industry, the Meguiar claims its product is able to cure the smelliest of interiors and leave behind a clean and refreshing scent.

Meguiar’s odor-eliminating product works at the molecular level by bonding and trapping foul smelling molecules to eliminate the odor permanently. Furthermore, the aerosol dispersion technology provides a solution for the entire boat or RV by using the air-duct system to circulate the Air Re-Fresher’s vapor throughout the boat or RV’s cabin to find and instantly neutralize unwanted smells.

To use, engage the one-time use Air Re-Fresher’s spray valve system inside an enclosed boat cabin or an RV with all windows and doors closed. After 15 minutes open all doors and windows and allow the boat or RV to sit for an additional 10-15 minutes before experiencing a new, fresh-smelling scent.

Meguiar’s twin-pack Marine/RV Care air refreshers are currently available at marine/RV outlets across the United States with a suggested price of 15.99 and can be found online for purchase at www.meguiars.com.

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