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MCD American Day/Night Shades offer push button privacy

MCD Innovations Day/Night Shades
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It is hard to imagine a product making a more profound impact on the RV lifestyle than the Day/Night roller shades by MCD Innovations. From the moment they were installed, the temperature drop inside my motorhome was noticeable, the privacy incredible and the ability to raise and lower the shade at the press of a button made them extraordinarily easy to use.

I was invited to visit the company's headquarters in McKinney, Texas, where they offered to installed the shades in appreciation for some editorial coverage I have provided over the past 15 years. I did not pay for the shades, but I cannot imagine ever using an RV again with out them.


  • Day shades allow people to see outside, but people outside can’t see in.
  • One button lowers and raises all night shades. Much better than snaking a drape around the front of the motorhome.
  • Day shades cut temperature inside the motorhome by at least 15 degrees. Simply put fingers between window and shade to notice the difference.
  • Night shades provide complete blackout privacy. The only lights visible in the bedroom are the lights from charging devices.
  • Night shades are easy to clean with a duster or damp cloth.
  • Motors make little noise when raising and lowering the shades. (Motors are an option. To save money, order manual shades)
  • The company, located outside Dallas, has hookups on site for electricity with a water hose and dump station located near the building.
  • Staff was very friendly and did their best to minimize mess, noise and inconvenience.
  • All the switches except the big shade for the front window are set “right for night” meaning pressing the right buttons controls the night shades. The main buttons were reversed.
  • Shades can be stopped at any point.
  • Front shade is programmed to lower to a certain point and stop when vehicle is in motion. But, it is a great way to keep sun out of the eyes when traveling.


  • I could really use a valance in the cockpit area to better hide the motor and provide even more privacy.
  • There have been times when the shades get caught on something as they come down, which requires them to be reprogrammed. After doing it once or twice, it was relatively easy.
  • The company constructed two triangle block out devices to fill in the corner gap on when shades come straight down on angled windows. One device has held up well, the other not so well.

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