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MaxxFan 7500 Deluxe installed

MaxxFan Deluxe offers quiet comfort in all weather

Fresh air in all types of weather
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When I bought my 2003 motorhome, I found the factory installed fans to be quite noisy and, although there was a rain cover attached, it did little to really keep water from coming in, especially in pouring rain. After visiting the factory, I replaced the fans in the living area and bathroom.

The noise reduction was indeed noticeable. Using a decibel meter on my smartphone, I determined that the decibel readings in the off position on the original fans were 50 in the living area and 47 in the bathroom. The original fans had three settings: low, medium and high. The decibel readings in the main living area with the fan on ranged from 67 in low position to 80 in the high position. In the bathroom, the readings ranged from 66 at low to 78 in the high position. However, the replacement fans offered 10 speed settings. When set at 50 percent, the decibel reading on the MaxxFan Deluxe was 64 in the main living area and 62 in the bathroom.

The most convenient feature of the deluxe model is the automatic on/off setting. Simply press the button and whenever the interior temperature rises above 77 degrees (or whatever temperature you select), the fan turns on to keep the interior cooler. This would be especially helpful for RVers who had pets. Should the air conditioner go out, the RV interior would not get harmfully hot.

Information on the packaging indicates the fan moves 900 cubic feet of air per minute -- replacing all the air in the RV twice per minute. I was told the fans could be installed as a do-it-yourself project, but I felt better paying an RV technician to do the work for me.


  • Recorded a 16-point reduction in decibel reading compared to factory-installed fans

  • Automatic opening ensures RV stays cooler all the time
  • Battery-powered remote control means users don’t have to fuss with reaching the ceiling to turn the fan on or off, or to adjust settings
  • Built-in rain cover really works, even when driving through a rainstorm
  • No rain sensor is necessary to lower the vent cover because the vent works rain or shine.
  • At 20 percent fan level and below, noise is hardly noticeable — like having a household ceiling fan installed in the RV
  • Very low profile when stored
  • Comes in choice of smoke (black) or white cover
  • Easily changes airflow direction to bring cool air in, or move warm air out
  • Display on remote shows current room temperature, the temperature in which the fan automatically comes on, whether the fan is on or off and whether the vent cover is open or closed.
  • Remote control comes with a holder that can be permanently affixed anywhere.
  • Fans come with a two-year limited warranty, but company offers a lifetime limited warranty on the lid itself.


  • After one of the fans was installed, it had difficulty staying open and would attempt to open several times, which caused some noise. However, after replacing a switch, provided by the company, I have experienced no similar problems.
  • The fans come with a manual crank knob, which I found a bit cumbersome compared to the automatic remote control

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