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Mashable: The perfect roadtrip at your fingertips

From the bloggers at Mashable.

Picture the perfect road trip: Cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in a retro-fabulous Airstream trailer, camping amid idyllic scenery and dining with locals in their homes, your Instagram feed the envy of all who follow.

There’s just one problem: You don’t own an Airstream, finding a great campsite takes hours online and all your friends in San Francisco are crappy cooks. Okay, that’s three.

But don’t despair. Thanks to a flood of tech companies and digital platforms claiming to be the “Airbnb of Insert-Whatever-Here,” you can assemble an unforgettable road trip simply by tapping peer-to-peer networks of people looking to rent something they have that you want.

We’re not going to call this the sharing economy, because when we learned to share in kindergarten no one mentioned a daily fee. But by renting from and connecting with locals, you can count on a personal experience and the kind of expertise and guidance you won’t find in guidebooks.

To read the full story by Mashable, click here.

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