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Top view of the chain of ants
Top view of the chain of ants

Mark My Words: Winning a battle with ants

Editor’s note: This information is provided by Escapees Club:

Q. This will be the third long-term site in Texas where we are being bombarded by ants! We are in San Antonio on a complete concrete pad that extends far beyond tires and trailer with only one small branch that extends maybe a couple of feet over our 30-foot tongue-pull travel trailer. There appears to be an infestation of ants. Although the mounds aren’t observable, the ants are crawling around everywhere throughout the grass surrounding the concrete pad.

We’ve used Andro yard spray for insects, Spectracide yard spray for ants and countless sprays of Ortho Home Protector spray indoors. The ants still seem to get through our poison barrier, and I’m worried that if we spray anymore, we’ll be the dead bugs in the trailer. We’ve used the spray on the grass and concrete pad as well as halfway up the trailer sides and a few bursts over the top of the roof, as suggested by a Home Depot representative. But we are still having the little critters appear inside, crawling on the ceiling, cabinets and counters. Do you have any suggestions to beat the bugs?

Chris and Kristin

A. You know, it sounds like you may have an onboard colony of ants living in your RV. The steps you have taken should prevent ants from having access to your RV from the pad, so I’m wondering if the source of ants is actually right there inside the RV.

I once picked up a colony of sweet ants down in Florida, and they traveled all over the country with me. I tried all manner of ant baits and sprays, but I couldn’t get rid of them. Then, a friend of mine in Pennsylvania told me about Terro. It is liquid ant bait, and you simply put a few drops on a piece of paper or cardboard and put it where the ants can find it. After a few hours, you’ll have a huge crowd of ants all gobbling up the Terro, and then they take it back to the nest. In a couple of days, they are all dead. Seriously, I have found that Terro is effective on those little sweet-eating ants that are common in the South, and it may win the battle for you. For more information, visit

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