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Mark My Words: Life expectancy of RV water hoses

Editor’s note: This information is provided courtesy of Escapees Club.

Q. What is the expected life for RV water hoses that connect between the RV and water supply outlet, especially stationary RVs such as park models that never get moved? How does one know if the water hose is failing and about to burst? Also are pressure-reducing valves essential for in-line installation? — Garry

A. The first step is to protect your hose from high water pressure. A water-pressure regulator should be attached to the hose bib or faucet and the hose attached to the regulator and run to the RV city water inlet. That way, the hose is protected by the pressure regulator.

Most potable water hoses will last at least a few years, and their life can be extended by covering them with something to prevent UV exposure. Most folks use inexpensive foam pipe insulation that can be found at any home improvement store. This will also help protect your hose from freezing.

However, if you need to use the hose in extreme cold, check out this unfreezable, heated fresh-water hose at or

Most hoses are getting ready to fail if you see any bulges or cracks in their skin. As long as the outside looks good, the hose is probably okay.

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