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The Manual: The 3 sexiest, ultra-light travel trailers of 2016

From the bloggers at The Manual.

Airstream was once the only game in town for sleek, well-built travel trailers (and buyers paid handsomely for the “privilege” of owning one). But, in the last five years, a number of manufacturers have jumped into the game to offer niche solutions for every type of traveler — weekender, hardcore backpacker, gear hauler, etc. Here are three of the sexiest, ultra-light travel trailers on the market today.

Retro modern: Happier Camper HC1

The pint-sized Happier Camper HC1 offers an ingenious solution for travelers looking to take only the most essential elements of home along for the ride. While the retro modern shell oozes vintage cool, it’s what’s on the inside that’ll interest most roadtrippers. The clever Adaptiv™ interior features Lego-esque cubes that are infinitely configurable to suit almost any traveler’s style. The sleeping space, kitchen, and work areas can all be repurposed to however large or small you need them to be. It’s the closest thing to a mobile Swiss Army knife we’ve seen on the travel trailer market. Bonus: The company offers rentals for anyone looking to try before they buy.

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