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ManTripping: Getting back to nature with Wandervans Campervans

From the bloggers at ManTripping

When you travel in the US, there are typically two options – hotels and camping. In other parts of the world, campervans are a popular option but until recently they haven’t really been embraced in the United States. Luckily, that’s changing as it offers a very cool alternative for those looking for a “back to nature” experience but still want to retain the warmth of comfort of a nice soft bed.

A couple weeks ago, the folks from Visit Southwest Idaho invited me up to experience the beauty and diversity of opportunity to explore that existed in the state. While we “could” have done it by staying in hotels, this is one part of the country that lends itself extremely well to using campervans or camping vans as some people call them. With 30 state parks in Idaho there are tons of great places throughout the state where you can go camping. Despite the fact that we went just as they were closing for the season the parks were all very well maintained, with good facilities – including WiFi, bathrooms and showers.

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