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Malia’s Miles: Verde Canyon Railroad

From the bloggers at Malia’s Miles.

The promise was a 20 mile ride and thousands of years back in time.  Traveling at a leisurely pace of about 12 miles per hour, it’s about a four hour trip to/from Clarkdale to Perkinsville ghost ranch through portions of wilderness country not accessible except by this rail. Just the thought of seeing more of the red rock formations I’d become fascinated with in this area was enough to convince me.

I was glad to see there were several of these open air cars with seating for the best views and for getting photos.  These viewing platforms were constructed from flat cars that were formerly used for hauling construction materials.  Great idea because when there’s so much to see all around, I want as little between me and the scenery as possible.

To read the full story by Malia’s Miles, click here.

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