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Making memories between generations

From the moment of his retirement, Grandpa thought of the time in which he would be able to share his life experiences with a whole new audience. Even though his children had the opportunity to experience things first hand, sometimes the true appreciation of those experiences are not fully shared.

So he bided his time until his grandchildren grew older because he knew his new audience would eventually inquire about days gone by. His patience recently paid off and experiences were shared and memories created during a recent trip to the Iola Military Show.

They walked side by side; often a little hand would slip into the larger one next to him to make a physical connection between them. With their questions of “What’s that” or “Why,” the connection moved from a physical one to an emotional one because of what it meant.

Grandpa was in his glory sharing his Army tales with his captive audience of four.

The static display of military vehicles served as a backdrop for what was happening between the two generations. Twenty years of memories were being passed on because of the grandchildren’s newly expressed interest in Army soldiers and vehicles. The day couldn’t have been better if there had been a battle plan.

They experienced a ride in a deuce and a half and witnessed a battle reenactment. There were displays of all types of military vehicles, some painted in the traditional olive drab green colors while newer models sported the desert brown colors.

Grandpa knew that this would not be the last time he would share his Army experiences with the grandchildren, but this one will always be special because it promises to be a tradition.

The ride was long, the weather humid and sticky but the memories created, priceless!


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