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Making a living on the road

If I got a dollar every time someone asked us what we do to make money while traveling full-time, I’d be rich and thank them for supporting my nomadic lifestyle.

Joking aside, it’s definitely a fair question. We’re a rather young family (my wife and I are nowhere near retirement) and we’re living on the road seeing fantastic sights and enjoying amazing experiences.

What gives? I must be a trustfund kid, right? No. We’re just a regular family that values experiences more than possessions, so we made some life-changing decisions to get our family on the road full-time to deepen our family bond.

That said, we still need money to do the things we’re doing. Diesel fuel isn’t exactly cheap.

Bryanna and Craig Royal working at their office on the road.
Bryanna and Craig Royal working at their office on the road.

When we decided to take the leap in becoming a full-time RV family (, I was working for a small college’s I/T department in Wisconsin. I was able to make arrangements with my boss to work remotely for most of the time, only having to come into the office for a week every few months.

My wife was starting up a virtual assistant business called Virtual Powerhouse ( where she would help clients build their social media presence, write blog posts and e-newsletters for them as well as other marketing projects. This was an entirely virtual business. Some clients had a hard time grasping that concept as they kept asking her to come in for a meeting.

Over a couple of years she built her business to a point where I was able to consider leaving my full-time job and pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. In Bryanna’s business, she saw enough need from her clients for help with building new websites or redesigning their existing websites that I started doing some web design and development to see if it could be a good fit for me.

It turned out it was a pretty good fit and I was able to leave my full-time position at the university. I’m now doing web design and development as well as freelance writing, trying to monetize our blog ( as well as consulting for the university I used to work at when they need it.

Going from a stable paycheck to being entrepreneurs has been quite a roller coaster. The freedom it allows us is great, but that also means we’re working late evenings, on weekends, and pretty much never stop thinking about it.

I wouldn’t change a thing though as we’re able to go hiking with the kids on a Tuesday afternoon or sleep in on a weekday. We’re really enjoying the lifestyle we’ve built and are excited to see what’s in store next.

About Craig Royal

Craig Royal and his family of six, plus two dogs, have given up normal life to live and travel in a RV full-time. They want to live a simpler life where they focus on each other, share experiences, and see the world together. You can follow their adventures at: Web: | Twitter: | Instagram: | YouTube:

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